Oral rendering of Mocedades de Rodrigo text: Jabier Elorrieta, Linguistic Consultant (Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the Spanish Language Program, New York University).

Text of Mocedades de Rodrigo: Matthew Bailey (Professor of Spanish, Washington and Lee University)

Audio recording: Michael Heidenreich (Audio Services Manager, College of Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services, University of Texas at Austin).

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Images: René Ben Sussan (illustrator) in Robert Southey, Chronicle of the Cid (Limited Editions Club,  Haarlem, The Netherlands, 1958). The images selected for this website are listed below by the page numbers that precede the unnumbered plates on which they appear, along with descriptive captions not included in the original.  Since the Chronicle recreates the life of Rodrigo Díaz from his youth to his mature years and death, some of the scenes depicted are of the exploits of the mature Cid.


Rodrigo avenges his father’s shame by decapitating his rival.


Travel through enemy territory is dangerous, and must be swift and light.


The Castilian battle lines advance.


Christian warriors stand ready to besiege Muslim Valencia.


The Cid’s warriors subdue the towns surrounding Valencia.


The Castilians rout the enemy camp.


The King honors the Cid with a seat next to him, but he prefers to stand with his men.


The Cid’s loyal vassals defeat his rivals in single combat.